Our mission

Vole Kayiman, NFP, is dedicated to access to opportunity in Haiti.

Our mission is based on 4 things:

1.) The collective decades of work our founding team has done in Haiti, and the resulting belief that while there are tremendous challenges, there is much potential for the Haitian people to move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

2.) Many traditional non-profits and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) may be well-meaning, but are perpetuating dependence, rather than building constructive partnerships with Haitians based on achieving independence.

3.) Growing evidence that the most effective tools for alleviating poverty are direct cash grant investments that respect recipients by allowing them to realize their own goals and make their own spending decisions.

4.) The power of transformational, versus incremental, change as imperative for sustainable, positive impact for individuals, families and communities.

Our name, Vole Kayiman, expresses our strong belief in self-determination for the Haitian people.

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