Our first client


After struggling for many years just to provide food and shelter for his family, Jean-Baptiste Joseph is finally able to provide both.

Born in Port-au-Prince’s worst slum, Jean-Baptiste, 49, has become the proprietor of a successful “pap padap,” a bus/taxi service that generates enough steady income to support his wife and children.

Jean-Baptiste earned the opportunity to launch his business through his hard work and dedication — but you were the catalyst.


By partnering with VK Haiti, you helped provide the mentoring and vehicle and startup investment. And while he was preparing to start his service, through VK, you also contributed financial support that gave his family sustenance — and hope.

After nearly a year — and despite Haiti’s challenges of entrenched poverty, lack of health care, food insecurity and natural disasters, most recently, a devastating hurricane — he’s growing his business, and even able to save a little money. In short, he’s gone from despair, to daring to dream.

Helping Haitians transform their lives from poverty to self-sufficiency is VK Haiti’s mission. Our evidence-based, direct cash investment approach, along with a commitment to helping individuals and communities realize their own ambitions, sets us apart.

But it only works with your support.

Please join us in continuing the momentum in making meaningful, lasting, life-changing impact in Haiti.

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