A positive path for a stronger community

JACMEL, HAITI — While much of the country remains overwhelmed by political unrest, some Haitians are finding ways to persevere amid the chaos and chart a course toward a brighter future.

Evens Egalite is one of those determined to find a positive path forward. Using a financial grant from VK Haiti, Egalite, 32, is working to strengthen his community.

As the founder of Universal English Institute, Egalite is continuing to provide educational and employment opportunities. And in celebrating the school’s first ever graduation, Egalite proved that he’s succeeding despite enormous challenges.

Students at the Institute are primarily young adults learning English as a practical skill to qualify for jobs. And children who attend classes at the institute also benefit from enrichment programs, including the current summer camp program teaching science, reading and arts and crafts.

The cafe that Egalite opened at the institute serves snacks and coffee, but most importantly provides a safe oasis for the neighborhood.

Through the Institute, Egalite is working to support himself and his young daughter, who he’s hoping to inspire with his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

A recent university graduate with a degree in social work, Egalite has overcome significant life and challenges to found the Institute, and has big dreams of expanding the institute and increasing opportunities for more students and teachers.

His dynamic personality, accomplishments and commitment to building a positive future for his country earned Egalite an investment from VK Haiti’s unique direct grant program.

There are many more aspiring entrepreneurs in Haiti like Evens Egalite.  All they need is the opportunity.

Please join us in continuing our work for lasting positive change in Haiti.