NOW FUNDED: He’s nourishing a community

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JACMEL, HAITI — Donuts, coffee, eggs, plantains and fresh fruit are on the menu at Universal English Institute Cafe.

But the most nourishing ingredient in the success of the venture is the determination of its founder: Evens Egalite.

He’s persevered through many life challenges to become an entrepreneur who, with the help of VK Haiti’s unique direct funding program, has launched the cafe as a way to build clientele for the school (which he also founded), and provide urgently needed income to support himself and his young daughter.

Opened in September, the cafe has attracted more students to the school, where the majority who attend are adults seeking practical English skills to qualify for jobs. Other locals are also stopping in for coffee and snacks.


In a country with staggering problems, Evens, 30, is working to create solutions. He’s continuing to complete the physical structure for the school while teaching classes, cooking and serving in the cafe and attending the local university to complete his studies in social work.

His dynamic personality and commitment to strengthen his community, as well as secure his own economic future, inspired VK Haiti to fund his cafe proposal.

With just a $1,000 direct grant, Egalite has had a significant positive impact. And we couldn’t have invested in Evens without your generous support.

Haiti may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is rich in creativity and potential. And Evens Egalite is proof of that.

Please join us in continuing our work for lasting positive change in Haiti.